Have a SWEET one!

Please take one! Just one ooooo!
Please take one! Just one ooooo!

Welcome to 2013, the best year of my life (& yours if you truly believe it) so far in JESUS NAME! Another opportunity to get it right, another opportunity to achieve those things which weren’t achieved in 2012! Another opportunity to lose that weight that hugged so tight in 2012 & could not be shaken like mount Zion! Lol! Another opportunity to get that certification! Another opportunity to pass ICAN!  Another opportunity to learn how to drive! Another opportunity to learn that musical instrument! Another opportunity to be a better boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, daughter, son, mother, father, friend, boss, omo ise! I could go on & on & on!  While the New Year is a fantastic opportunity to start over, you have got to change strategy! I once read somewhere that insanity could be defined as always doing the same things & expecting a different result or something like that! It cannot be business as usual o! The truth is 2013 will just be the same as 2012 if you don’t make a determined effort to make a change in strategy and attitude! No wishful thinking, you have to work at it, be resilient, be confident and be positive! Through it all thank God always! Have a sweet one! Enjoy!


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