Mimi Sifo

Our last hangout at Raddison Blu 29/03/13
Our last hangout at Radison Blu 29/03/12

Mimi was one of the many many wonderful people I met in the Secondary (High) School I transferred to many moons ago. She was always so full of life & loved to laugh! I can still remember her unique laugh and our banter! Mimi was a cool cat; she had this way about her, cool, calm & collected! Tall, ebony chic, beautiful face and smile, she was one of the ‘brainy’ ones in class! Mimi was multi-talented; she was into music; (I remember watching her play the drums and wishing I could also play); she was a good dancer etc. She was very involved in the youth fellowship ministry of her church, and invited me to some of the programs they had. I really enjoyed going for them, Daniel’s Company that’s what they were called. During one of these programs would be the first time I would see the group KUSH perform; Lara George- Lara was really skinny back then (weren’t we all! Lol!), TY Bello-back then I think she was Sokefun not really sure and Emem-the toyboyish girl. These youths were really passionate about God, they sang, danced, played musical instruments all to the glory of God! Mimi showed me through these programs & her fellow youths that it was actually cool to be a teenager and love Jesus! I am really grateful for that experience.

Fast forward…. Light years after Secondary school & University, we are all grown up living our lives. It was great reconnecting with my classmates, some of us met up at Mimi’s 25th birthday at her house, it was a lovely day. Met up again at a classmate’s wedding, this was basically how our hook ups were over the years. The last time we would see was on 29th March, 2012 on her birthday when we met up for drinks at Radison Blu. We all promised to see again before she went off to America for her new job and we kept procrastinating, little did we know that it would never take place!

She had long caught the Blackberry (BB) bug before I did, I remember when I added her to my BB, during our chats, while she typed 1million words per second, I was there typing 3 words per hour! Lol! I was like “Mimi you are typing too fast for me o”, & “she was like don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it & be fast”! I dare say now I’m a typist’ worst nightmare! Lol! **takes a bow** lol! I was like “babe won’t you get into trouble with all this “bbing” in the office, she was like don’t worry my boss is used to it, in fact she’s tired!” Lol! Funny girl!

I could always trust Sifo Lee (as I liked to call her) to make a funny/witty comment about my dp or personal message on my BB. I still remember the time I wrote “I bad pass Tony Montana” Lol! I remember she sending me that “eyes rolling” smiley and making a smart comment like “for your mind se???!” Gosh I loved that girl!

Mimi was one of a kind! In spite of having sickle cell Mimi achieved so much in life, traveled around, learnt how to speak French, lived in France alone against all odds; she refused to be a victim of sickle cell!!! She lived her life without limits!

 I still remember the day I heard she died! I couldn’t believe what I was reading as Duvy’s message came in “Oh my God Mimi is dead”! I was gisting and laughing with my brother when my BB made that noise signifying I had just received a message. I looked at it & saw words that at that time made no sense! Mimi is dead???????? How is that even possible I thought to myself! She only just lost her sister a few months ago! LORD! PLEASE NO!!!!!!! Oh how I thought about her mum & couldn’t imagine what she would be going through! I cried and cried and cried!

Mimi was a dear friend of mine she will always have a special place in my heart, it was truly a pleasure knowing her, having her as a seat mate in Secondary school, having her as a BB contact where we did most of our bonding in recent times! Most especially having her as a friend! she always kept in touch and the last time we chatted she reminded me that we all still needed to hangout before she left! Ah procrastination is a bad thing! Although I never told her this but I really admired her and her entire family!

The last thing her status read before she passed & is still reading 

“Coeur completment brisee………”Death is the last enemy!” Happy Birthday Voke (her sister who passed on a few months before she did), I LOVE AND MISS U!!!”

I don’t think I could ever delete Mimi from my BB!

I thank God for the life she lived! Rest well dear!



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