The Thinking Woman!

The Thinking Woman!My dad gave me this painting as a gift and boy, how I love it so!!! I named it the thinking woman, why? I hear you ask; well it’s because of the woman’s huge and funny looking forehead. As women we tend to have a lot on our minds; organizing, strategizing, planning, worrying, hating, loving, dreaming etc! I think the painting depicts me to an extent, apart from the fact that yes I do have a big forehead. You see most times, no, all the time except when I’m sleeping of course, I am deep in thought about one thing or the other. From “What am I going to eat when I get home” (yes I confess I love food), to more serious things like “how do I embark upon this project and what inspired Tonto Dike to start singing!” *straight face* Sometimes my thinking process is so intense; I feel as though everyone can hear what I am thinking! Driving and having a shower are my vices as regards intense thinking. I get lost in thought during these activities which I particularly enjoy and spend a lot of time doing. The best part is that I jump from one thought to the other just like Hayden Christensen (David Rice) in the movie JUMPER. In like 5 mins I have thought about so many things and when I eventually catch myself, I start thinking about what thought inspired the next thought & the next thought & the next thought…….! Yeah crazy I know! Here in lies my reason for starting this blog! A medium to express my various crazy & insane thoughts! Be afraid! Be very afraid! Welcome to my world!!!!!!!!!!


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