Short Story!

Writer in moi???!!!
Writer in moi???!!!

At times I get this wave of inspiration and I do things that I don’t usually do. Like the other day I woke up in the middle of the night and was inspired to write a poem which I did. I wrote like 3 sentences and fell asleep. I still have not completed it and it’s been like 2 months! Once I’m done with it (whenever that is) I’ll probably post it here. Okay where was I? Wave of inspiration! Yes! It was 1 of those days and I was inspired to write a short story, somewhere in my mind I felt like a bad ass writer and it was doing my body “gra gra”. So I wrote this story below. Let me know what y’all think of it, maybe just maybe, one day one day I may write a book! Yeah right! Anywayz enjoy! (Na fiction o!).

Some daughters do have them!- by Bisaro1

It was a Thursday night, I had just gotten back from work when my phone rang, it was my dearest mama. She sounded so excited on the phone; we hadn’t spoken in a while. I too was excited to hear her voice; you see my mum & I are very close; she is like the funkiest & coolest mum I know. The woman still wears short dresses and really takes care of herself; you would actually think we were sisters; in short the woman is “hawt”. We go shopping together, hangout at bars together and have our bi-weekly dinners at the nicest restaurants in town. After exchanging pleasantries she went on to remind me about our dinner date for the next day. I wasn’t able to make the last one because I had gone on a business trip. “There is this new Thai restaurant that just opened up on Adeola Hopewell, its called errrmm….. Pattaya, lets meet there for say 8pm & guess what, I have a surprise for you!” she said excitedly. I asked her what the surprise was and she replied in a fake American accent “girl if I told you what the surprise was then it wouldn’t be a surprise! Durh!”  I laughed and after “gisting” for a little bit, we said our good night. I decided to do some Pilates, had a salad and soup while watching re-runs of Friends, said my prayers and called it a night. Friday came, worked my ass off at the office as usual, had some meetings, the last meeting I had didn’t end until 8pm. I had to call mum to apologize. I eventually got to Pattaya at 8:30pm. Mum was looking as beautiful as ever, bubbly and full of life. After giving her a really warm hug & kiss on her cheeks, I noticed that there was this really cute hawt looking guy at the bar, he looked perfectly sculpted in his suit he flashed me a smile & I found myself smiling back. Mum and I made our order and started our girl talk, laughing at the top of our voices, we talked about work and she expressed her concerns about me working too hard, “girl when will you ever have time to meet someone buried under all those files?” I rolled my eyes because I was all too familiar with the trend of this particular conversation. “Mummy, God’s time is the best, I’ll meet someone at the appointed time” I said while eyeballing her. “Shalewa my sweet child, I know and believe that, however you need to put yourself out there! You work too hard; your social life is nonexistent! How do you expect to meet anyone?”

Then she told me what her surprise was; she had found the perfect man for me she announced! I was like “mother you had better be joking!”  She said she was as serious as a heart attack. My mouth literally dropped to the floor; out of all the craziest things mum had done this was by far the worst! As if that wasn’t bad enough, this “perfect man” was the dude at the bar!!! I felt like peeing on myself! If I wasn’t a respectful child I would have gotten up and walked out of that restaurant (but my legs would have probably failed me). Mum had gone too far! How could she set me up like this! I tried to calm down, after all I talk to people for a living, how hard could it be talking to this guy, plus he was already here! Mum signaled for him to come to our table, as he walked towards us, I turned to her and whispered “mum! I love you so much but I could kill you right now” she flashed me a cheeky smile and said “you are welcome my sugar pie!”


The Thinking Woman!

The Thinking Woman!My dad gave me this painting as a gift and boy, how I love it so!!! I named it the thinking woman, why? I hear you ask; well it’s because of the woman’s huge and funny looking forehead. As women we tend to have a lot on our minds; organizing, strategizing, planning, worrying, hating, loving, dreaming etc! I think the painting depicts me to an extent, apart from the fact that yes I do have a big forehead. You see most times, no, all the time except when I’m sleeping of course, I am deep in thought about one thing or the other. From “What am I going to eat when I get home” (yes I confess I love food), to more serious things like “how do I embark upon this project and what inspired Tonto Dike to start singing!” *straight face* Sometimes my thinking process is so intense; I feel as though everyone can hear what I am thinking! Driving and having a shower are my vices as regards intense thinking. I get lost in thought during these activities which I particularly enjoy and spend a lot of time doing. The best part is that I jump from one thought to the other just like Hayden Christensen (David Rice) in the movie JUMPER. In like 5 mins I have thought about so many things and when I eventually catch myself, I start thinking about what thought inspired the next thought & the next thought & the next thought…….! Yeah crazy I know! Here in lies my reason for starting this blog! A medium to express my various crazy & insane thoughts! Be afraid! Be very afraid! Welcome to my world!!!!!!!!!!